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Payslip Reference for Corporation Tax Payments

Here at Angle Accountants, we are often asked several questions about taxation, one of which is.

How to determine your company payslip reference for corporation tax payment

Do you have a hard time finding your reference for your Corporation Tax payment this year?

You are in luck because this article will guide you in finding the correct CT payslip reference.

An actual payslip reference number will have seventeen characters.

It would read something like this: 1234567890A00108A

This number is divided into four categories:

1234567890 A001 08 A

Category 1 – the first ten numbers represent your UTR number. That would be 1234567890, for example.

Category 2: A001 is common to all and will not change.

Category 3: shows the specific reference number to the accounting period for which you are paying. It goes up sequentially by one digit each accounting period, with your first period being ‘01’. In the example above, it is the 8th accounting period for the company- that is why it is 08.

Category 4: This is common to everyone and will not change.

You can also check your accounting period online if you are registered on HMRC Online. To do this:

Log in to HMRC online > Services you can use > Corporation Tax > View account > Accounting periods > Accounting period to use

Do you have any more questions on corporation tax? We would love to help you;

call our friendly team on 020 8406 1524 / 07487 301 902 for support!

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