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Be Positive Get Results

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

As well as providing you with facts and figures around starting a business and compliance with HMRC and Companies House. Angle Accountants understands that business owners must take a holistic view on starting out in business or sustaining an established business.

A wise accountant once said 'results come not only with hard work but with being positive and not being afraid to go for it'.

Here are some simple tips to help you stay positive in your business.

I feel so lonely

Yes, being a business owner can be a rather lonely experience. No one really understands your vision or can relate to your deep passion.

On the positive vibe...

Your business is yours and so it is understandable that others may not have the same passion or see your vision, this is OK, it is your job to be an influencer for your business.

Join forces with other business owners to remind you that you are not alone in your loneliness!

Why not join Angle Accountant's community of professionals, simply e-mail our team with your interest.

I am struggling with cash flow

Many business struggles with cash flow, considering cash flow is critical to the sustainability of your business it is important to get this right.

On the positive vibe...

There are many ways in which you can boost short and long term cash flow for your business. This includes short term bank overdraft to seeking prudent investment.

However, the key to having a strong cash flow within your business is to ensure that debtors/clients pay you on time and creditors are paid at the right time.

For more advice on cash flow, call for our helpful accountant on 079 4676 2494.

Working 24/7 with little result

It's been discovered that, on average, small business owners work 45.5 hours per week, and that more than half work either six or seven days per week. If an average full-time working week comprises 37.5 hours, this means that the average small business owner works a stunning total of 17 full days of overtime per year.

On the positive side

Remember this is your business and as such the hours you are putting in is to make your business successful and as your business grows and a management structure is implemented, you can start to find a little freer time. Until then, you simply have no choice. But I’ll bet you won’t find a single successful business owner in the UK who regret not taking more time off in their formative years.

Consider a great accountant, like us, of course, who can help free up some of the time you use for bookkeeping or self-assessment.

We want to encourage you to keep going. Every small step is a giant leap in business. Don't forget to look after your well-being and build in activities that you enjoy and that will allow you to switch off.

Do not despair Angle Accountants understands and is here to support you through your business journey. We can help or support you with registering your business with Companies House to setting up your VAT registration with HMRC and advising you on how to manage your cash flow.

Contact our team to arrange a no obligation free consultation.

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